As you may have noticed blogging has been a little quiet here on canvasstyle. I am spending lots of time on Instagram so if you are not already connected to me, here is a link to follow along

It seems my blog awakenings come these days when I am around something new and exciting, usually involving the insanely talented and inspiring India Hicks. I just returned from watching her launch what is hands down my favorite collection yet. Having been around since the early days, I can tell you that this collection is one of the most exciting, timeless and interesting ones to date. I love it all.  

You can shop the collection here with me now. You really can't go wrong. And if you are reading locally I will be having a Fall Get Together later in the month where you can view this ever-evolving line in person. 


have a beautiful day

Today is a special edition Friday image because I just have to show you India's new summer collection.  It is hella good. 

Check out the two new curated collections from Finlay & Co. and Holicow. These co-labs are limited edition exclusives to India Hicks and once they are gone, thats it. There are more of these in the works so this is some exciting stuff to look forward to. 

I love love love these new pieces. Therefore India is my Friday girl today. 


have a beautiful day


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For the sweet Moms in your life, there is something for everyone here. Shop the India Hicks collection for unique gifts all designed by one of the coolest Mothers I know.